Fork Lift Trailers, Buses Trucks and heavy machines, tractors 2, 4, and 6 post finsih even 10t/post strength.
With the system can be lifted even a long vechicle combination .

Space-saving, the handling doesn't need any higher technical skills.
Mobile: The columns can be easily moved one by one according to the lifting, when they are not in use, can be set aside.

Technical dates:
  1641 2641 3241 3641 4041 2461 3961 4861 5461 6061
  4x4t 4x6,5t 4x8t 4x9t 4x10t 6x4t 6x6,5t 6x8t 6x9t 6x10t
System Load max 16t 26t 32t 36t 40t 24t 39t 48t 54t 60t
Lifting height 1700 mm
Size of columns 1000x1130x2694 mm
Lifting fork length 380 mm
Motor 2,2-3 kW
Power supply 400V 50Hz 16A

Accessories to increase efficiency:

Support frames with 4, 7 tons capacity: For longer repair works the truck can be held on the frames.
Relieves the lift from load, protect it, and ensures a longer lifetime. The lift can be used for a second truck lifting.



Lifting beam:

The truck can be lifted wheelfree with this 14 tons capacity lifting beam.


Adaptor for semitrailers



ESH with ramp. Mobile and stationary design


Adaptor for cars